Russel Frampton

Russell Frampton was born in Warsash, Hampshire 1961, studied painting at Portsmouth College of Art, Exeter college of Art and Design and Plymouth University [MA in Fine Art in 2002]. He lectures in Painting at Plymouth College of Art and Screendance at Plymouth University. Russell’s work stems from deep connections with the experience of landscape, specifically the moorlands and coasts of the West Country and the coastal fringes of West Brittany.

Russell’s paintings engage in a process of inscribing and re-inscribing the often disparate elements that constitute a place. Multiple layers describe an accreted surface of almost geological depth. Partially subsumed details, calligraphic marks and form juxtapose, seeking the point of balance within the formal aspects of the painting.
Whilst many of the paintings are direct responses to places and experiences within landscapes, the formal structure of the work is primarily abstract. The main concerns are the making of work that refers primarily to the act of painting itself.