Magie Luff

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I am primarily a painter and printmaker, but I also work in photography and sculpture.

I studied at Plymouth University Exeter gaining a BA Hons in Fine Art and a H.N.C. in Printmaking at S.C.A.T. Taunton.

I work in acrylic, oils, mixed media and charcoal. I believe strongly in the fundamental skill of drawing. I work intuitively and expressively using the forms of nature and the figure as a starting point on which to base my work.

Sometimes, the work is a strong representation of the source material, other times I look at the abstract form. I prefer to work directly from life observation but use photographs for reference in the studio.

I cannot settle on one particular style, I enjoy the process of experimentation. Where can I take this image?

Sometimes it works, sometimes not. It’s all part of the excitement.