Cyril Croucher

I was born in south east England – in Prittlewell, Essex. I am mainly self-taught although I spent a brief time at Southend Art College in the 1960’s. After leaving college I became dissatisfied with my work and stopped painting for some years.

Moving to Cornwall in 1994 I felt a hunger to start painting again. My surroundings in there have a major influence on my work, as does my love affair with Venice. Harbours, boats, decaying buildings all play their part in the construction of my paintings. I have an interest in the construction of both boats and buildings but the aspects which hold a fascination for me are not those normally depicted, rather I am drawn to the shapes, the decay and textures found in walls and other structures, in particular the rust bleeding through layers of fading and peeling paintwork. I strive to convey a feeling of the height of the buildings, boats and harbour walls which rise up out of tidal waters and rivers when viewed from a ‘low tide’ perspective.

My work has been exhibited at various galleries throughout the UK, including the RA Summer Exhibition, the Mall Galleries and the Royal West of England Academy. I have exhibited at the Wren Gallery in Burford since 2006 which is where most of my current work can be seen.