Ashley Hanson

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The ‘City of Glass’ series – inspired by ‘The New York Trilogy’, the novel by Paul Auster.

The central image of a new Babel in New York, prophesized by the character of Stillman, obsessively walking the streets of the Upper West Side, shadowed by author/detective Quinn. In these three paintings the viewer becomes Quinn, part of the story…

One never knows how an artist will respond to another interpreting their work, but after sending a catalogue of the ‘City of Glass’ series to Paul Auster, via his agent in New York, I was thrilled to receive the following response:

Dear Mr. Hanson,

Incredibly moved by your magnificent paintings. They are strong and
beautiful — and haunting. To think that my book could have inspired such
vivid colors. I am very happy. 

All best thoughts to you, 

Paul Auster